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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 9, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EST

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knuckleheads are behind bars. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in london. >> women and their purses. that's our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> dicky: tonight on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: brett favre could bnlt there to congratulate his old teammates but he did text them a picture. >> dicky: matthew perry. >> what's that? what was that? >> jimmy: wow. >> dicky: morena back win. >> it's called -- i know, i said the word vagina. >> dicky: and music from pitbull.
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with two important questions -- could switching to geico really >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, with two important questions -- could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? and is giving your valentine a crappy gift a bad idea? well, the answer to both questions is yes. i would like you to give your valentine a terrible gift on purpose and on tape. make a video of your sweetheart opening the worst valentine gift imaginable, nothing dangerous, nothing illegal, just bad. tape it, upload it to the "jimmy kimmel live" youtube page and we'll show the funniest ones after valentine's day. our little pal guillermo gave it a try with a very special lifelong valentine, his mommy. take a look.
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>> happy early valentine's day, mom. >> thank you. >> no, no, no, no. no, no, no. no -- >> look. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: she didn't like it? >> no. >> jimmy: make your video, and mark it hey jimmy kimmel i'm a crappy cupid, it's that special time of year to torment the one you love. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" crappy cupid contest. s say yes to geico. and say yes to a crappy valentine gift. find out more by going to the "jimmy kimmel live" youtube page now. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with morena baccarin, music from pitbull and matthew perry. okay. new year, new me. got to cut back. i love cutting back.
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and music from pitbull. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, how about it? here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming to visit. it was another beautiful day in southern california. sunny, 65 degrees. at night, by the way. which is great. you know, with the wind chill, it's between 30 and 40 below in some areas of the midwest tonight, which means it's 100 degrees warmer here.
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there's a bigger difference in temperature between l.a. and minnesota than there is between minnesota and mars. for real. so -- thank you, scientology. they know how to control the weather. this is why wisconsin has no kardashians. it's too cold for them. you know, even though the entire state of wisconsin is frozen as solid as nicole kidman's forehead, that did not slow down the celebration in green bay, where the packers celebrated their super bowl victory at lambeau field for their fans. [ applause ] . 56,000 fans. the fans in green bay were tailgating in 14 degrees below zero. i wish i loved anything that much. i really do, it's -- it was so cold, fans were shaping their breath into footballs and throwing them around to each other. between the free hot dogs and the frostbite, about a dozen people accidentally ate their own fingers, and -- that's why they wear the cheese heads, it's
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for warmth. here you see, there's the team waving to their adoring throng as they paraded through the city. most of the steelers are in hawaii right now. packers quarterback aaron rodgers promised the crowd a repeat win next year, which happens sometimes. and then the packers free safety nick collins let the fans in attendance know just how important the fans are to the team. >> nick, what is it like seeing all these fans out here today, all the fans there to greet you when the buses came through town yesterday, what's it like? >> i just want to say to these fans, we won this championship without you. we appreciate your enthusiasm, but to be perfectly honest, we really didn't need your help. now who wants to have sex with us? >> jimmy: well that's -- i mean, that is -- unexpected. [ applause ] and -- shame on him.
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brett favre couldn't be there to congratulate his old teammates but he did text them a picture of how excited he was for them, so that's nice. [ applause ] sportsmanship. meanwhile, in dallas, this is kind of nutty, apparently at a pre-super bowl event on friday, michael vick was given a key to the city. now, the cowboys and their fans hate the eagles so it is strange they would give their quarterback anything but the finger in dallas. and then, on top of that, the quarterback is michael vick. he's not even from -- he's from virginia. the closest he's ever come to living in dallas is when he was in prison in kansas. but -- the mayor of dallas says the key was given without his knowledge or approval. it was given to him by a city councilman who i guess is a cat guy, i don't know. i don't get it. but i will say this -- [ applause ] you know -- michael vick is --
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made his mistakes but he is the primary reason they know longer play "who let the dogs out" at nfl stadiums. so, for that, we owe him a great deal of thanks. in the nba the cleveland cavaliers lost to the dallas mavericks to break their own record for most consecutive losses in nba history. 25. 25 losses in a row. i told you zydrunas ilgauskas' departure would have a negative effect and no one listened. this morning, the whole team decided to move to miami. i hope you've been having a safe and sane black history month. i'm worried i don't hear as much about this as i used to. when i was a kid, it was frequent. maybe it's because we're all becoming one big fat family. but it's important to remember. while many of us weren't around
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of the time of rosa parks and martin luther king, but my uncle frank was. so, we turn to him. here's professor uncle frank. >> hi, professor uncle frank here today, speaking about black history month, which, this is the month. what a history. and we should celebrate it, because, look what the blacks have done for this country. we have a president who is now black. let's have festivities. music, sports, space! look how we're going to space. i think half the astronauts are black. wow. let's celebrate by having festivities. all kinds. and if you don't have a black friend, look for him. [ applause ] >> jimmy: very good advice. really good. he might be confusing neil and
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louis armstrong and possibly the apollo, too. but well said. the literary world has been abuzz after a listing went up on for a 304-page memoir written by bristol palin. they haven't officially settled on a title yet. but this is what they're going with for now. "i got knocked up by a guy on the hockey team and my mom ran for vice president." it kind of says it all. but -- [ applause ] she's 20 years old. i don't get how you write a memoir. when you're that age, it's not called a memoir. it called a diary and you should not be selling it on amazon. you should be hiding it from your older brother. they say the book will send a powerful message to other young girls that having sex before marriage may lead to unwanted book deals and highly paid reality show appearances, so -- keep it in your pants, i think, is the message. [ applause ] on sunday, before the game on
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sunday, bill o'reilly sat down with president obama. now, last night, fox news showed some of the stuff they had to cut for time and to be honest, the new footage was not so great, which is probably why they cut it. so, to spice things up, we took the sound from the new clips of the interview and we combined it with an old episode of "the smurfs," and i think it's better. >> last question, we'll let you go. fnc and the obama administration, fox news and the obama administration, little bit of a rocky history. i sincerely want to know, what can fnc do better, what can i do better? >> give people the facts. >> you think you're being tre treated fairly? >> i would say there's a strong history in america of all news having some sort of point of view. and fox news has a point of view and i think that's part of our democracy. >> do you respect sthit. >> absolutely. >> does it disturb you that so many people hate you? >> you don't take it personally. >> they hate you. >> always a pleasure.
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>> jimmy: first blue president. here's a -- heres a weird story from florida. and if there is anything you learn from this, and i hope you do, it's one should always double check who you are texting before you hit the send button. >> at the top of his third grade class. >> i'm the most advanced in my class. >> but he's not advanced enough to see the text messages being sent to his cell phone. someone sent him a picture of adults performing oral sex on a couch. >> that was just two old for me, i wasn't ready for that. >> he says he texted the number back, told the man he was only 9 years old, but the man texted again. so, his mother and grandmother called the number back and threatened to call the sheriff's office. >> he said, do what you got to do. >> they said the man told them he was only trying to sell the couch in the picture. >> it's puzzling that you can sit there and this is the only picture that you can find to
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send somebody edadvertising a couch. >> jimmy: well, you know -- though, i guess in some ways he was saying, look what this couch could do for you. [ applause ] so -- this is -- this is really unbelievable. apparently there's a tribe living in the jungle on the border of peru and brazil that's never had any interaction with the outside world. one of the last uncontacted tribes on the planet. so, naturally, someone grabbed a camera and decided to film them. this video is from a new bbc documentary. very interesting. they shot it with a long range camera lens. they cover themselves in red body paint and it is strange to see a whole group of people that have never been in a store, never seen a movie, they never ordered mighty putty off television. very primitive. almost as if they were traps ported here from another time. >> the dense amazon forest below are home to one of the last
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uncontacted tribes left on earth. their lives are about to change for the worse. and it's not just violence that puts uncontacted people at risk. viruses can kill them. and even wipe the tribes out completely. >> jimmy: well, maybe they've had some contact, i guess, with the outside world, because how would they otherwise -- speaking of justin bieber, he's going to be here on thursday night, and no, i can't get your daughter in to meet him, so stop. leave me alone. justin and i are going to write a song together on thursday. a duet, an original bieber/kimmel. we are taking suggestions for the title of the song via twitter. what we need for you is to submit an original title. make up a song title, post it on twitter with the hash tag kimmel bieber duet. we will sing it together like simon and jar fugarfunkel would.
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i would like something with the word baby in it if we could. watch for that on thursday night. it's going to be wonderful. one more thing. pretty cool. there's a silver back gorilla in england -- that i'm also writing a song with -- he has learned to walk upright. like a man. normally gorillas walk on their knuckles, which is why they don't wear rings or jewelry. but not this one. take a look. >> the silver back learned to stand on his own two feet. keepers at the animal park in kent think he may have picked up the skill from watching and copying them. drawing himself up to his full height of six feet. not he's progressed from learning to balance to going on increasingly lengthy strolls. this clip shows the extent to which he's mastered the art of walking. >> jimmy: isn't that weird? they just released new footage today.
12:18 am
apparently he's in hollywood. going into the coffee bean. i didn't know -- [ applause ] gorillas drank coffee. but apparently they do. here he is, where he is headed now? he's going into the gap. oh, the gap. and -- i guess he's -- oh, he picked up a cute little dress. well, you know, it is hollywood and people do their own thing around here, so, what are you going to do? oh, wait! how are you doing? there you go, that's the -- [ applause ] that's the gorilla we spoke abo about. well -- and that's sweet. he's taken a lover. isn't that nice? let's -- [ applause ] let's see if we can show that in
12:19 am
slow motion when we come back. all right. on the show tonight from "v," morena baccarin is here. we have music from pitbull. matthew perry is with us. and guillermo slow motion, when we come back. we'll be right back. when you've been together as long as we have -- [ carl ] honey, where's the -- top shelf! life cat a bit... routine. that's why i decided to switch things up with cottonelle ultra toilet paper. you see? it's 35% thicker than the northern brand. [ carl ] love it! you might say this one little switch has made all the difference. peanut, get dressed... we're goin' dancing. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] le switches can make all the difference. find cottonelle ultra codes.
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starting at just $10.95. at olive garden. >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. on the show tonight, an exceptionally lovely woman who plays the high commander of the alien visitors on "v."
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morena mack car win is here. and music from an upcoming cd that i don't have yet, it's called "planet pit." pitbull. tomorrow night, adam sandler, chef bobby flay -- he's challenged me to an eggplant parm sane throwdown. so, i will be throwing him down. and we'll have music from ke$ha. and on thursday, music from travis baker featuring game and swizz beats and justin bieber. and come up again with a song title, original song, tweet it with the hashtag kimmel bieber duet. if we like it best, we'll sing it and then you get to pick one of us to marry. do we have that slow motion of guillermo? let's see. because he didn't know the gorilla was coming to get him.
12:25 am
actual sadness there. were you worried he was taking you back to mexico? >> i got surprised. >> jimmy: our first guest tonight spent ten seasons as one of america's favorite friends. but then america got too clingy and he backed away and i don't blame him. tomorrow night, he returns to television in the new comedy "mr. sunshine." you can watch it at 9:30 here on abc. please say hello to matthew perry. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what's happening? >> wow. >> jimmy: how are you? >> good. >> jimmy: this must be a magical time for you, i would think. >> very nice. what a great crowd. [ cheers and applause ]
12:26 am
>> jimmy: they just met. first time they worked together. it's really unbelievable. >> i wonder how many times i could get them to do that? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: three, technically, i guess. i think you could -- they get tired of it around eight. >> really? you would probably know this. >> jimmy: eight would be the number. all right, it's okay. we got it. >> all right, he's doing it again. >> jimmy: how is it going for you? are you excited about the new show? >> it is an exciting time. >> jimmy: the new show is very funny. i watched it last night. >> you did? >> jimmy: yeah, you have a great cast and the whole deal. >> i get the sense that you actually did watch and you're not just saying so. >> jimmy: i did. i can ruin the whole show for everyone. >> don't do that. >> jimmy: i won't. >> were you in canada, because -- it's already been on in canada? >> jimmy: i was not. in fact, i was going to travel to canada just to watch it but then they said, we'll give it to you on dvd.
12:27 am
>> that's nice. that's good. what a great crowd. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: three more before it goes south. >> yeah. i'm not going to do it again. just so you know. no, it's a very good time for me. i created the show about a year and a half ago with alex and mark. these two writers, very funny guys, and it's been a very long road and then the show is on tomorrow night, so -- >> jimmy: that's what happens. >> it's very exciting. and, you know, it's very sudden, you know, now it's on and the reviews have come in and they've been good and i just have been in a really good mood about it. >> jimmy: good. >> and thinking good things, you know? and yesterday i had this press junket where i got to talk about the show. and i was driving in my car and i happened to drive by a bill bigboard that i'm on -- >> jimmy: nice. >> it wasn't on my way.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: made a little detour? >> yeah, i mean, it made me about 45 minutes late for where i was going, but they weren't mad or anything. >> jimmy: great crowd, no. >> so i get to the beverly hilton. >> jimmy: sorry, i used one of yours. i didn't mean to. [ cheers and applause ] it becomes a horrible sound, it's like -- >> if you do it -- >> jimmy: i know. >> it becomes just sympathetic, just a whole group doing it. >> jimmy: there's a wooing going on. then, remember the recorders that we played in elementary school, those are being blasted. maybe you didn't have those in canada. >> no, i had them. what a great band. [ cheers and applause ] so, i get to the beverly hilton and i notice there's just a throng of paparazzi, just tons and i'm like, how did they even
12:29 am
know that i was going to be here to do this press junket, this is amazing. and i get to the front of the line and i realize after i was feeling so wonderful, i realize that right at this moment, they're having the academy award nominees luncheon. [ laughter ] so, i said, hold on a second, i drove back quickly, looked at the billboard and all my good feelings just went away. >> jimmy: really? dissipated? >> and i just went, i've not accomplished a thing in my life. i asked the entrance, the guy at the door, i was like, is there a failure entrance? maybe? that i could -- >> jimmy: was there? >> there was a failure entrance. yeah, i went there and the people from "manimal" were there. >> jimmy: how are they doing? >> still failing. >> jimmy: that is a shame. well, you shouldn't feel that way. there's no reason. the show did really well in canada, right? >> yeah. we just found that out. >> jimmy: why are we getting
12:30 am
canada's leftovers? shouldn't we get it first? >> that's what i think, too. but i'm sort of canada's leftovers. i'm from there, so i -- for here, i'm -- i don't -- it is a great crowd. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now you may have brought them back again. >> the delivery. >> jimmy: they have changed things up. you, growing up in canada, i know you played tennis. you are really good. i've seen you play at some of these things, these celebrity things and what not. is it cool to be a tennis player in canada? because you only really hear about hockey and sometimes curling. i was trying to think about famous canadian tennis players. and i couldn't really think of any. >> i'm it. >> jimmy: you're it, huh? >> yeah. i'm it. >> jimmy: how good were you? were you ranked or anything? >> i was, like, boys under 13,
12:31 am
my doubles team was ranked third in the country, so, we got -- and when you're 13, that's a big, huge deal. and, but the -- and you got a medal. i got a bronze medal. but the event was sponsored by disney, so my medal had a big goofy on it. >> jimmy: no. >> can't impress girls with that. hey, get away -- >> jimmy: did all the medals have goofy? >> i don't know what the other ones looked like. >> jimmy: they probably had captain hook or something cool on it. >> i got goofy. >> jimmy: do you still play? >> well, i do play, and one of the great things about doing this show and the show takes place at an entertainment arena, a sports arena but it's got springsteen concerts and all of that stuff. and in coming up with where you -- where we wanted to do the show, we thought that would be a great place, because -- >> jimmy: no one's ever done anything from there. >> right, so that's pretty cool.
12:32 am
and if you go to the, like, the website more madison square garden or the staples center and you click events you'll be amazed at what's happening on the off nights. truly. the new york rangers on one night and then, like, a dog show. and then, you know, bruce springsteen concert, lingerie football. and so we -- >> jimmy: they just want people there buying snacks. >> they went 18,000 people there buying things. yeah. so that's why we did it there and so i, being in a position of some power on the show, said, let's do a celebrity tennis charity episode and maybe we can get my favorite hero, jimmy connors, to be on the show. and we called him up and asked him and he said yes. >> jimmy: that's all right. >> so if you guys know who jimmy connors is. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did he -- did he
12:33 am
disappoint? i hear he can be an ornery type. >> my thing was, i was a 12-year-old in canada and i had, like, his hair cut -- >> jimmy: you did? >> which i will say to both of us, not a great hair cut. you put a bowl on your head and -- >> jimmy: well, there you go. you wore yours pretty well, though. maybe better than jimmy himself did. that's you. >> i would like to say -- first of all, that picture looks like it's taken during a nuclear low l holocaust. >> unusual amount of white snow there. that's the coolest i've ever looked in my life. so, he said to me, as we were going down to shoot, he said, you know, i brought my gear if i want to play. and i went, oh, my god. and i, you know, we laid down a tennis court at the forum and jimmy connors and i got to rally a little bit and we made the crew wait a little bit. i don't know how happy they were about that, but -- >> jimmy: what are you going to
12:34 am
do? >> what are you going to do. >> jimmy: did he compliment your playing? >> he said i had a hitch in my backhand. and i said, hey, you write a comedy show. >> jimmy: how did he take that? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. and then sort of life imitated art. a couple weeks later i got a message from him and he asked me to play in a charity -- a real charity tennis event with him and indid that and then we became text buddies. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. and i'm very excited about it. >> jimmy: sure. >> and i get, like, really check my grammar and i -- >> jimmy: really? >> and i have sort of a guy on the side saying, he said this, what should i say? i want this to be a relationship in my life. >> jimmy: right. how is it going? >> so far, i think we're
12:35 am
besties. >> jimmy: that's great news. if for nothing else, it's all worth it. we're going to take a quick break. "mr. sunshine" premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 p.m. on abc. more with matthew perry when we come back. north of the wall.urvive marcus: it's my responsibility to bring them back. open the gate! ♪ they're coming. on my command! ♪ [ male announcer ] "the eagle." [ shouts indistinctly ] [ male announcer ] rated pg-13. i like that. cool. quitting sucks.
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12:40 am
"mr. sunshine" is the name of the new show. and your first episode you welcome jorge garcia, who played hurley on "lost." it's great to see him. and i think that's a smart thing to do. were you a big fan? >> huge fanatic. i miss it. >> jimmy: i do, too. >> i was just about to same, i'm lost without it. i just about to say that. i don't know what to do with myself now that that's not on. that's my favorite thing in the history of entertainment. >> jimmy: me, too. it's funny. people that didn't get into it just go, i don't know what that is, but when you're into it, it's like -- >> what's that? what is that? yeah, i'm not doing that with "two and a half men." >> jimmy: there is a little "what's that" factor there. >> that's true. >> jimmy: when you met jorge, did you -- >> well, so, jorge plays this very dry funny maintenance guy at the sunshine center and, you know, i was on a show that he saw and, you know, he was on a
12:41 am
show that i saw and sort of mutual respect and we didn't talk about it at all, really. nice to meet you, you're going to stand here and, like, on the third episode he did something that was really funny and i went, oh, that was really funny, dude. and i realized i had done his catch phrase to him. and i was like, oh, god, i'm so sorry. i -- and i went for a long walk. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm sure he didn't mind. that's a pretty -- it's not like "what you talkin about willis." i want to apologize, we don't have a clip of the show. i don't know what happened. we were not given a clip of the show, but yeah, i guess people can just take my word for it that it's good. >> yeah, well, you know what we could do? it's breaking tradition but i have a cast member of the show here with me -- >> jimmy: the smoke monser? >> no, not -- no, not "lost."
12:42 am
>> jimmy: i'm sorry. i was confused. >> i'm talking about "mr. sunshine." it's on tomorrow night at 9:30 after "modern family." >> jimmy: so you have someone here? >> i have somebody here and we can break tradition instead of showing a clip, which everybody does, we could act out a ski for you? >> jimmy: that would be great. why not? >> so -- i'll just set this up very briefly. it takes place at an arena and every arena has a mascot. so we have a mascot and he's sort of an angry mascot. and there's a scene in an upcoming episode where he's fed up and quits and i'm rather indifferent about it, so we'll play this scene out for you. >> jimmy: okay, great. how -- what should we do? >> david pressman plays the mascot. >> jimmy: oh, there he is. go on over. >> great.
12:43 am
>> jimmy: that's david in there? >> this is david pressman, everybody. [ applause ] ready to go? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so maybe you can say action and we can -- >> jimmy: i'll be the director. >> you can be like the director. >> jimmy: i've never directed before. this will exciting. speed -- action. >> i've been doing some thinking lately and i'm feeling really underappreciated around here. so i quit. >> okay. >> jimmy: wow! "mr. sunshine" premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 on abc. matthew perry and david pressman, everybody. we'll be right back with morena
12:44 am
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>> jimmy: hi there. we're back. still to come, music from pitbull. our next guest plays a beautiful being here to take over the world. her show is called "v." it airs tuesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. please welcome morena baccarin. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, you look fantastic. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> jimmy: i know you're from brazil and yet you have no accent, no detectable accent anyway. >> it's magic.
12:54 am
>> jimmy: how old were you when you left brazil? >> 7 the first time but when i moved for good i was about 9. >> jimmy: really? you'd think it would stick with you. you squeezed it out. >> it was really hard the transitions were hard. i wanted to fit in as much as i could and, like, my name is not that easy. >> jimmy: what does it mean? >> it means brunette. weird, huh? my mom had a lot of imagination. yes. but she's got different stories about my name. she lies a lot so i'm not sure which one is true. >> jimmy: really? >> she says she named me after a character she played that was a vampire named morena. i'm not a vampire, so i like the name. >> jimmy: in a way, you were sucking her blood from inside the womb and feeding off her like a vampire would. >> that works. >> jimmy: maybe that has something to do with it. >> and the second one is, she was a famous actress and a
12:55 am
newspaper article when i was born, a pick of her and my dad and me. it said, baby morena doesn't have a name yet. and that stuck. >> jimmy: she let the newspaper name you? >> yep. >> jimmy: do you have the newspaper? >> i do. >> jimmy: your mom was film, television? >> theater. a little bit of soap operas. but my mom is a producer. she brought the vagina monologues to brazil. >> jimmy: what? >> i said the word vagina. >> jimmy: is that how it's pronewsed in pra sil? >> she says it very sexily. >> jimmy: that's better, somehow. >> it is better. but still hard. and when i would have boyfriends over for dinner and stuff she would say things like, my vagina
12:56 am
is one of the biggest grossing vaginas -- we had a really -- my vagina had a really big opening. [ applause ] >> jimmy: wait. did she do that just to embarrass you or she just didn't quite get it? >> i think it was a little bit of both. she's an actress. she likes to get out there. >> jimmy: did she get you into acting? >> well, you know, funny enough, yes, i guess, in a way. my first role, i was 6 months old. my mom was doing a play and she was playing mary and i was crying backstage so she just brought me on with her as baby jesus. >> jimmy: you played jesus? >> i did. still trying to figure out how to go up from there? you play baby jesus at 6 months, i don't know where you go. >> jimmy: and you didn't even have a beard, so people -- but they mobelieved it. >> it's a sought after role for babies. >> jimmy: is your mom still acting if. >> yeah, she's trying to figure
12:57 am
out what to do next. >> jimmy: do you fear that she might be finding something even more embarrassing? >> yeah, like the puppetry of the penis or something? that would be weird. >> jimmy: so, you play the leader of the aliens and when -- when you are a beautiful woman involved in a sci-fi venture of some kind, you tend to be surrounded by guys with asthma inhalers, correct? >> yeah, i mean, there is definitely a dork factor to my show. but the sweetest, most loyal fans you'll ever find. >> jimmy: but some of them are weird, right? like, really weird. >> okay, yes. i recently had an encounter at the airport that was a little bit strange. tsa guy was checking my i.d. and he looked at me, he looked at the i.d. and he is like, wait, are you -- i was like, yeah, and
12:58 am
a big line of people, he's going to say, great show, let me go. and he goes -- if you want to know everything there is to know about roswell, i will come to your gate and find you and tell you. i was like, yeah, okay. can we just keep going? and he did. >> jimmy: he did? >> he did. >> jimmy: he followed you? went past the cinnabon -- >> you know that terminal. >> jimmy: he found you and what -- what is the story behind roswell? >> you know, i wasn't really listening that much because i was panicked. and -- >> jimmy: he could arrest you or body search you or something. >> he did tell me that it's true. it's aliens. there are aliens -- maybe i'm revealing a big national secret here. there are aliens and spacecraft was found and the -- >> jimmy: wouldn't it be funny if he went, this roswell thing, listen, nothing happened. enjoy your trip. and did he do -- did he, like,
12:59 am
ask you out? >> how did you know? >> jimmy: i was sent here by aliens. >> he did say, are you attached to anybody? i said, yeah, i am, and he said, i have to ask. >> jimmy: it's creepy enough getting the cavity search. >> what airports do you go to? >> jimmy: the adult airports. well, thank you for being here. the show, again, if you haven't seen it, is "v." it airs tuesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. morena mack baccarin, everybody. we'll be right back with pitbull.
1:00 am
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>> jimmy: this is a single from his upcoming album "planet pit." from the bud light hotel in dallas, here with the song "hey baby," pitbull. ♪ ♪ let her go la la la if your girl wanna play ♪ ♪ let her go so let her go la la la if your girl ♪
1:03 am
♪ wanna play let her go ♪ ♪ let her go la la la if your girl wanna play ♪ ♪ let her go so let her go la la la if your girl ♪ ♪ wanna play let her go ♪ ♪ hey baby girl what you doin tonight ♪ ♪ i wanna see what you got in store hey hey baby ♪ ♪ givin it you all when you're dancin on me ♪ ♪ i wanna see if you can give me some more hey hey baby ♪ ♪ you can be my girl i can be your man ♪ ♪ and we can pump this jam however you want hey hey baby ♪ ♪ pump it from the side bend it upside down ♪ ♪ or we can pump it from the back to the front hey hey baby ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪
1:04 am
♪ i'm a dade county self paid self made millionaire ♪ ♪ i used to play around the world now i'm around the world gettin paid ♪ ♪ girl problems no problems doin' anything that won't solve em ♪ ♪ i wanna get with you mami now let me see what the lord split cha ♪ ♪ hey baby girl what you doin tonight ♪ ♪ i wanna see what you got in store hey hey baby ♪ ♪ givin it you all when you're dancin on me i wanna see if you ♪ ♪ give me some more hey hey baby ♪ you can be my girl i can be your man ♪ ♪ and we can pump this jam however you want hey hey baby ♪ ♪ pump it from the side bend it upside down ♪ ♪ or we can pump it from the back to the front hey hey baby ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ oh baby baby la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ make money make money this chico right here gotta eat baby you scared money ♪ ♪ don't make money that's how it goes


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